1, what is CBD? Hemp oil, (or CBD Oil as its also known as) is packed with lipids; it adds luster to the beard. The oil contains fatty acids which strengthen the fragile hair strands and can also make the hair appear thicker. It is a great choice, especially if you have a patchy beard. The CBD oil penetrates through the skin and improves blood circulation.

2, Can your CBD hair and beard oil help my beard grow? The protein-building properties of CBD oil and its moisturizing power do wonders for beard hairs already grown outside the follicle. ... The oil makes the strand stronger with moisture and protein, making the hair less prone to breakage. With a good CBD oil, you can reduce the breakage and grow a longer, fuller beard.

3, How do I use the Beard Balm? After washing your beard and drying using a clean towel or in some cases a hair dryer on a cool setting.  Take a small amount (usually a half a thumb nail size). Warm in your hands and rub through your beard.  If it is a larger beard you may have to do this a second time to get full coverage.  Do not use to much in the beginning, you get to know what amount works for your beard size.  Once it has been rubbed thoroughly through your beard, take your beard brush and brush beard to a smooth groomed state. 
note: this really should be washed out daily or every other day to prevent build up and dreads forming. 

Any other questions on the use of the beard balm, don’t hesitate to contact us.

4, How much Beard Oil should I use?  The amount of oil really does depend on 1, personal preference and 2, on beard size.  But rule of thumb is that you use 4 or 5 drops, warmed in your hands, and then rubbed thoroughly through your beard, don’t forget to massage right down to the skin as this will aid in skin condition, stopping beard dandruff (bearddruff) and ingrown hairs.  If you find it a little too oily, just use fewer drops.  You will soon find that your beard is softer, silkier and has more shine.  Easier to manage too if you use the GentlemanJack Beard Balm too in your normal grooming routine.

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