Welcome to our world of independent alternative apparel and accessories. Here at Blackheart Clothing, we love all things punk, goth, vintage kitsch and kustom kulture – and we want to share it with you.

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Some of us out here are just different.  We like to express our individuality through our style.  In fact, an entire counterculture has formed around our alternative looks.  Blackheart Clothing is a sanctuary for the ones who refuse to conform to societal norms.  It exists as a trendy resource for anyone who uses gothic horror, punk, metal, biker, rockabilly, or vintage pin-up threads to say, “I’m me.  And I’m not like you.”

With a background in retail and a supercharged passion for alternative fashion, motorbike fanatic Louise founded Blackheart Clothing to support her fellow individualists’ self-expression and to provide them with their favorite looks.  Leather (and vegan alternatives), skulls, chains, tattoos, and hardcore music are her language.  Inspired by her 1970s punk era childhood and fueled by rock and thrash metal tunes, Louise’s eccentric apparel collection serves as her artful medium.  She breathes life into her brand with her kitsch, grungy, bitchin’ taste in toggery and homewares.

Although based in West London stomping grounds, Blackheart Clothing is available online for your convenience.  Bring back the hottest trends of yesteryear with your own unique flavor each and every time you hit the streets in these sick ensembles.  Finally.  A shop for people who make their own fashion.  A shop for you.

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